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The Spiritual and Traditional World of the Navajo Native Americans

A sixteen-day journey on the Pollen Path

An Immersion into the Culture and Spirituality of the Navajo Indians

A unique and authentic journey deep into the Navajo Reservation led by our expert and experienced Navajo guide. The Navajo Indians are one of the few tribes that succeeded in preserving their culture and spirituality. We do not come as tourists; rather we live and experience the unadulterated customs, ceremonies and crafts of the tribe.

7Meilen Erlebnisreisen is the first tour operator in Europe that takes small groups to the foot of the Navajo Mountain on the Rainbow Plateau. This area belongs to the Navajo Nation and is home to a little known mythology and spirituality. The terrain is not easily accessible.

At an elevation of 2 000 m, the Rainbow Plateau extends from the wooded peak of the Navajo Mountain (3 116m) to the city of Page 70 km further west, situated in the Southwest corner of the state of Utah. Most Navajo Indians there live in their traditional ways in harmony with nature. The Navajo Mountain is one of the 6 holy mountains of the tribe. Still today, their highly respected medicine man Buck Navajo conducts ceremonies on the peak of the mountain. The Rainbow Plateau is sparsely populated and only accessible over a bumpy dirt road. Aside from this road, there are only foot paths and ancient shepherd trails.

7Meilen Erlebnisreisen includes the following activities:

The physical part with Navajo guidance:
- Building a sweat lodge from local materials
- Basket weaving after collecting the required raw materials, such as Sumac branches
- Pottery making with traditional materials provided by "Mother Earth"

The spiritual part with Navajo guidance:
- Participation in sweat lodge ceremony
- Learning about the "stories" and mythology of the Navajo Indians
- Meeting with Buck Navajo, revered medicine man and healer

Hikes through the wild terrain with Navajo guidance:
Examples: Light half-day hikes on old Indian trails to Anazasi ruin on top of a mesa. Visit with the medicine man, Buck Navajo, who lives in the secluded Piute Canyon according to the old traditions. Hikes to the San Juan River, at Lake Powell, that plays an important role in Navajo mythology.

The Tour Itinerary (Sequence and details subject to change)

Day 1:
Air travel from Germany to Las Vegas, the glittering mirage in the Nevada desert. Transfer to the hotel and exploration of Las Vegas (on your own).

Day 2:
By minivan across famous Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the earth. View this breathtaking chasm and geologic record of eons. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 3:
Drive over an adventurous dirt road to the home of our Navajo host deep in the Navajo tribal territory. Dinner and reflection on the coming days. Overnight stay in a traditional hogan.

Days 4 - 6:
Hike or ride in four-wheel drive vehicle on old Indian trails to a location where we will experience a sweat lodge ceremony. The remainder of the day and the next day are for rest and contemplation. Return hike at the end of the third day.

Days 7-12:
We practice traditional basket weaving and pottery making. As we work with natural raw materials, we learn about the stories and myths that are connected with these Navajo crafts. A visit to a school will give us insight into the political and social structure of the tribe. Since we are closely connected to a Navajo family, we also experience a Navajo's personal life. We meet with Buck Navajo, a revered medicine man, who is in high demand throughout the tribe. He lives according to the tenets of the Pollen Path, promotes traditional values and heals the sick. He will give us insight into the rich mythology and inherited wisdom of the tribe. There will be hikes on the Rainbow Plateau, the heart of Navajo country. We will come across hidden places with ruins and petroglyphs of the ancient tribe of the Anasazi Indians. We will swim and relax at Lake Powell, one of the most impressive inland bodies of water in the world, created by the Glen Canyon dam.

Day 13:
Continuation of the tour to Monument Valley, into which we ride on horseback with an Indian guide. Overnight in the open air.

Day 14:
We turn west to the city of Page, Arizona, at the Glen Canyon dam. We descend into Antelope Canyon, a deep and very narrow "crack" in the earth, a so-called slot Canyon with beautiful and bizarre rock formations. We continue to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Overnight in hotel.

Days 15 and 16:
Drive to Las Vegas. Rest and reflection. Return flight to Germany the next day. Arrival on day 17.

Summary of services included in the price:
- Tour emphasizing local environment and Indian culture, max. 8 participants
- Sweat lodge ceremony and introduction to the traditional and spiritual life of the Navajo Indians
- Meeting with a medicine man
- Indian guide while in the Navajo Reservation
- All meals while in the reservation; lunch packages on hikes (vegetarian food upon request)
- Horseback ride into Monument Valley (Jeep transportation possible)
- Four nights in hotels, 9 nights in a traditional hogan
- Round trip airfare Germany-Las Vegas, all airport transfers
- All entrance fees where applicable

- Good physical condition and sure-footedness to permit easy hikes of 2-5 hours
- Horseback riding will not require equestrian experience
- Passport valid for at least 6 months beyond date of travel

Not included in the price:
- Meals in Las Vegas and on the road (about $ 150.-)
- Personal incidentals

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